Children’s Book Week

Celebrate National Children’s Book Week (May 1-4) @ OES “One World, Many Stories”

Monday, May 1st – One World, Many Stories, especially at bedtime: Wear your pajamas today. Home connection – Read a bedtime story with your child.

Tuesday, May 2nd – One World, Many Stories, about food and exercise from all over the world: Wear your sweats or workout clothes today. Home connection – Exercise and go for a walk with your child.

Wednesday, May 3rd – One World, Many Stories, no matter where you live and what you grow up to be: Wear something that tells about your future dreams (ie. profession, college, etc.). Home connection – Read a story with your children about something they would like to do when they grow up.

Thursday, May 4th – One World, Many Stories, and what wouldn’t make a child happier than reading stories!: Wear bright, happy colors today. Home connection – Share with your child your favorite childhood story or book.

Friday, May 5th – No school but keep reading!!

* Students will be sharing the title of their favorite book during their library time which will be turned into a recommended summer reading list.