Celebration of the Arts

Students from grades 1 through 5 took part in this year’s Celebration of the Arts on Tuesday, March 7th.  The event celebrated both musical and artistic elements of our students.  Student art decorated the quad, highlighted by the decorated chairs made by our fifth grade students.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Mattson, fifth grade students worked in collaborative teams to select a master painter, design a chair in the same style, plan out the sanding, painting, and finishing project, and execute the plan.  These chairs were auctioned off during the evening performance and provide an excellent fundraiser for our arts department.
In addition to the art on display, each grade level performed three different songs that they had been working on during the current school year.  These grade level performances contained songs and movements that the kids have been taught, practiced, and worked on during music classes.  Each grade level performed during the school day for parents and peers and then again in the evening.  The Celebration of the Arts continues to be a wonderful community event, as it was very well attended this year.