Teacher Appreciation


This week is Teacher Appreciation week, and I would like to share how thankful I am for the interdependence we have between the staff in our three buildings as we work together to achieve our goals. I believe our students benefit from a staff that has a growing understanding of the unique differences and opportunities at each building level in our district.  That level of understanding is not common in most districts where departments and certainly buildings operate in silos.

My mom taught 5th grade for most of her career, so even though I was a high school biology teacher, I have always respected the work of teachers at younger levels. I saw how hard my mom worked, and I recognized we had the same type of staff across the grade levels in Oostburg, but until I actually experienced and learned from the OES staff during my time as elementary principal, I didn’t understand the challenges and opportunities which present themselves at different grades. Each position and role in our school is different and uniquely important to achieving our mission, and we are fortunate to have an invested and caring group of educators serving our kids.

I would like to thank our teachers for their strong focus on working as a team, for their ability to listen and learn together, and for helping to support one another in achieving our mission of ensuring all students are learning at high levels so they can become positive contributors to society and the world. Now that I am approaching 30 years in this business I believe I have a context to make some comparisons, and I believe our staff has collectively never been stronger.

We have been achieving some uncommon results and getting better in ways that are clearly measurable. Uncommon results require a lot of hard work, and as we enter Teacher Appreciation Week I would like to thank our staff for contributing to who we are as a district and the outcomes we are seeing. I invite parent and community members who read this post to reach out and join me in saying THANK YOU to our teachers.

Kevin Bruggink