Survey Results Now Available


The October 21st monthly school board meeting included a presentation of the Community Survey results given by School Perceptions Inc. The survey overview can be viewed on our website at Click on the “Resource” tab and then “Info and Forms.” The “District Survey 2015” is located in the center of the forms page and should be relatively easy to locate.

The survey is the result of several months of work from our Long Range Planning Committee, and that committee will meet again tonight to review survey results and prepare a recommendation for our School Board’s November 18th meeting.

Our 2013 and 2015 surveys were consistent in the feedback they provided. Both surveys prioritized facilities and space concerns at OES while also providing what School Perceptions referred to as some of the highest “satisfaction ratings” they have seen in their work across the Midwest.

While we are pleased with the positive feedback provided by the surveys, we also are firmly focused on improvement. Our District goals data shows a solid improvement trend in student achievement, and those results are likely part of the reason we have experienced record growth this fall with well over 80 new students joining our District.

As of our last board meeting we had 28 new students joining us from Private schools, 37 joining us from other public schools, quite a few from out of the State and several from other countries. The word is out that good things are happening in the Oostburg School District. We look forward to continuing to partner with our families and community as we seek to fulfill our mission to create students that are positive and productive contributors to society and the world.

Kevin Bruggink