Sneak Peek Update

Hello, We hope families are safe in the aftermath of the significant weather last night. We would like to share that Sneak Peek is moving forward as scheduled with a few minor location adjustments. At this point we have full power at our middle school and will be serving food for the Brat & Burger Bash in the middle school cafeteria (rather than HS as in past years). We will also be moving elementary school pictures to the new ES cafeteria and middle school pictures to the MS gym. We are optimistic that power will be restored at OES and OHS by this afternoon. We do have generator power in both the MS and HS which will allow us to host sneak peek in the event our full power is not back.

We recognize that some families may be dealing with challenges related to wind and water damage at their homes. Please do not feel pressure to attend if those priorities require your attention. Children who are not able to attend sneak peek will have an opportunity for pictures during our retake date.

Here is a summary of this afternoon and evening’s events:

300-700 Lifetouch pictures at OES new cafeteria and OMS gym
330-630 Brat & Burger Bash served in the middle school cafeteria
330-630 Sneak Peek classrooms open

We encourage families to join us for a meal and hope that those of you who do not have power at home may be able to take advantage of the meal being served here. There will be extra food available for those who did not sign up originally.

Stay Safe,

Kevin Bruggink