School Nutrition Employee Week

Did you know that May 1-5 is School Nutrition Employee Week? OSD is fortunate to have an outstanding, student-centered food service department led by Michele Dulmes. We are thankful for Michele and her team as they provide nutritious and delicious meals to our students every day. We have many hard-working staff members in a variety of roles at OSD, and I would argue that there is not another area in our school that is more productive and efficient with their time than our kitchen staff. Each morning Michele’s team arrives before 6:00am to begin their preparations. At 10:30 they begin serving in our high school and continue at all three buildings through the noon hour. If cleaning up after dinner seems like a chore in your household, consider cleaning up after 1000 students eat lunch! It is impressive to see how efficiently this team manages their responsibilities, and on behalf of our district, I would like to give my thanks.

This year provided our food services team with an extra set of challenges as our primary production kitchen at Oostburg Elementary School is scheduled to be replaced as part of our building project. Along with the kitchen, the serving cafeteria area is also being replaced. This means Michele and her team not only provided meals each day as they would in a normal year, but they also planned their new space, piloted the transition of moving over 460 elementary students from their cafeteria to our ES quad, and moved food preparation into our middle school kitchen and ES teacher’s lunch room. Their work has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty!

This Thursday our food service department is serving up one of my all time favorites, tator-tot casserole!  We are blessed in many areas at OSD so please take a moment to thank the members of our food service team for the good care they provide in meeting the nutritional needs of our children.

Enjoy this day!

Kevin Bruggink