Nothing Like a Good Book!


Reading and biking are two of my favorite things to do for relaxation.  I thoroughly enjoy reading books on leadership and human behavior and then discussing those books with friends and colleagues. Biking provides a very different outlet, but one that like reading, shapes who I am.  The obvious connection is that when I bike a lot my shape tends to be slightly more narrow and when I bike a little things widen!  Reading is just the opposite since when I read a lot my perspective widens, and when I read a little my perspective can narrow.

Several of the books I have read in the past few years have had a powerful impact on shaping who I am as a father, husband and educator.  Some of my favorites which I would highly recommend, include, A Leader’s Legacy by Kouzes and Posner, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads, and Leaders of Learning by DuFour and Marzanno.  I am currently reading Shifting the Monkey by Todd Whitaker and looking forward to reading Fully Charged? by Tom Rath.

Fully Charged caught my interest as it looks at research around three things which matter most in daily fulfillment.  The book just arrived from Amazon, and I could not resist taking a sneak-peek inside.  The first chapter has already caught my interest as the author lists what he believes research shows as the keys to fully charged days. His list includes:

  • Meaning: doing something that benefits another person
  • Interactions: creating far more positive than negative moments
  • Energy: making choices which improve your mental and physical health

Our District goals have a strong literacy focus and sharing the value and importance of reading with our students is a daily emphasis across all levels and in all departments. Whether we are reading a set of technical drawings in tech ed class, interpreting an artist’s critique, or reading a novel in English, the impact which comes from strong literacy skills is pervasive.

Research clearly shows that one of the most powerful ways to grow the reading potential of young readers is through our example.  I hope you have the opportunity to experience and model the power of reading to your children.

Have a great week!