Long Range Planning Takes Next Step…


Our Long Range Planning Committee met on November 2nd to consider the results of our community survey which were presented at our October Annual School Board Meeting. The committee reviewed the survey results and decided to forward the following recommendations to our School Board for consideration at the November 18th regular board meeting:

  • Motion by Gary DeMaster and supported by Beth Grosshuesch to recommend to The Oostburg School District Board of Education a $9.59 million Oostburg Elementary School Project as described in the community survey to be brought forward at the spring primary election on February 16th, 2016.  Motion passed – unanimous
  • Motion by Gary DeMaster supported by Ceanne Simmelink that the following also be brought forward to The Oostburg School District Board of Education: Fund 46 would annually be prioritized for budget underspending to address future capital projects.
    Motion passed – unanimous.

The Long Range Committee decided not to forward the Middle/High School renovations as described in the survey. Although there was support for that project as well, the committee’s rationale was based primarily on the lower level of that support compared to the elementary project when considering both the 2013 and 2015 community surveys.

The second motion includes reference to Fund 46. This is a new fund which allows school districts to designate money for future capital projects. Prior to the establishment of Fund 46, districts had no practical way to save for larger projects without seriously jeopardizing state equalization aid. The committee felt strongly that Fund 46 can be a beneficial tool in planning for future projects.

I encourage any community members with questions or concerns to contact me directly at 564-2346 ext. 4000, and we hope you are able to join us at this Wednesday evening’s regular board meeting.

Kevin Bruggink