Happy New Year

New Years Greetings!

2016 is here and with the start of a new year our family welcomed a new driver. Our oldest daughter turned 16 on Christmas Eve and could not wait to take her driver’s test.  Fortunately (I think), she passed the test, and her mother and I are now experiencing the realities of the dramatic shift toward independence which driving has brought. The trips chauffeuring our daughter to work, practices, youth group, etc. frequently seemed inconvenient, yet now we find ourselves missing those opportunities to be together with her. Other parents shared the “time goes quickly” and “enjoy each moment” reminders, yet it seems difficult to truly recognize those realities until we experience them for ourselves.

Nurturing independence is at the core of what we do as educators, and our mission statement focuses us on partnering with parents to develop young people that are positive and productive contributors to society and our world. Watching our daughter earn her driver’s license was a reminder of the importance of our work as we are entrusted with sharing so many milestones with the young people in our community. It is my hope that 2016 renews our ability to cherish each moment – even those which may seem inconvenient or challenging at the time. Thank you for the trust you place in our schools, and we look forward to a great year working together.

Referendum Update:

Our Long Range Planning Committee remains committed to using the 2013 and 2015 community survey results to guide our recommendations and planning around the February 16th referendum question. As part of our communication plan each resident household in our District will be receiving an informational flier outlining our long range process, the need, the solution, and the cost. You can expect this flier later in the week or early next week. The flier also includes a “For More Information” page which provides information on planned open house and informational sessions during January and early February.  We encourage you to visit the referendum tab on our District website at www.oostburg.k12.wi.us for more information.

Enjoy this day!