Badgers Model Growth Mindset


I hope you enjoyed watching @BadgerMBB as much as I have this season.  Although they came up a little short in the championship, it certainly has been an enjoyable ride for much of the state.  This Badger team was special in many ways, and it was obvious that they were more than the collective sum of their parts.  This group of young men truly defined team and modeled characteristics that we hope to display as a school district.

Our Badgers were disciplined and silly, trusting and individually confident, tough and kind. They epitomized a few really important qualities which we work hard to value as a school. First, they seemed to recognize that things don’t have to be “this or that.” They reminded us that things which may seem contradictory can have the power to compliment one another.  The politics of education can at times struggle to find that balance and often misses out on opportunities where common ground and collaboration compliment each other in our work growing students.  We hope that our efforts as a school contribute to partnerships where things that may seem opposite, come together in magical ways.  The diversity in our student body definitely provides fertile ground as we work to apply this principle.

Although this Badger team was a unique combination of often conflicting characteristics, they were also extremely focused on being great. Watching them and learning about their journey – particularly the journey of players like @JPGasser21 (Josh Gasser) and @FSKPart3 (Frank Kaminsky) – provided clear evidence of their belief that growth and improvement was something they owned.  Team members demonstrated a belief that their abilities were not fixed, but malleable.  They were improvement focused.  As your school we hope we embrace that Badger quality as well.  We want to be a school where students and adults see knowledge and abilities as something that can be changed, not as some fixed set of assets which some individuals possess and others do not.

Badger center Frank Kaminsky went from a sophomore bench regular to consensus National Player of the Year, and we can make the same giant steps with our personal growth and the impact we have on students. We have a desire to mirror Kaminsky’s growth mindset in our work as a school district.  At times we may fall short of that goal, just as the Badgers fell a bit short last night. We hope that when we fall short we display the class our Badgers displayed and that we see each obstacle as simply another opportunity to get better.

Thanks to @BadgerMBB for sharing your journey with us!

Kevin Bruggink