Congratulations to the Oostburg High School class of 2016! Our District celebrated the accomplishments of our senior class with a commencement program on Sunday afternoon, June 5. During the program we recognized 75 seniors who earned $1,078,090 in scholarships. This represents the highest scholarship amount earned in the last three years and one of our highest totals by a senior class. It is just as noteworthy that 39 of our 75 graduates received a scholarship of some amount. In addition, this year was the first commencement ceremony where we recognized graduates that contributed over 60 hours of community service through our Key Club. Seven seniors met this mark and wore a red and black community service cord with their graduation gown in recognition of their service.

We are proud of our graduates and their contributions to Oostburg. My message during graduation was focused around a popular country song sung by Tim McGraw called Humble and Kind. I shared that although our learning in English, math, science, social studies, technology, PE, and the arts, are all important, they pale in comparison to our desire to graduate young people who are humble and kind. In a world where kindness can be seen as weakness and bullying and cruelty are often the norm, particularly from some of our most prominent leaders, I am confident that this year’s graduating class has the ability to effect real change by how they choose to treat others. Our staff has watched this class grow and lead with humility and kindness, and now those qualities will begin to reach out beyond our community as our seniors take the next step in their journey.

Thank you seniors and best wishes!

Mr. Bruggink