Good to Great

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Have you heard about the “One Word Challenge?” It’s a movement with the goal to simplify the long list of changes or resolutions we may be considering as we enter the new year. According to those who have tried the approach, choosing one word narrows our focus and allows us to center on a vision for the future grounded in a single word.

I am frequently in awe of those who have harnessed the power of words – particularly written words. I recognize the wisdom in a quote by Robin Sharma who said, “Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well!” We see this power playing out around us in a manner that often seems tilted toward the destroy end of the spectrum. The one word challenge provides an opportunity to bring things back in the other direction – harnessing the power of words to inspire, unify, and grow.

While reading Good to Great in the Social Sectors (Jim Collins) recently, a segment contributed to my one word choice for 2020. The author stated that we can easily spend too much time trying to be interesting as opposed to investing our time being interested. That brings me to my word for 2020 – interested. My intent is to focus on being interested…. interested in listening, interested in observing, interested in learning from and with others.

Feel free to join me by selecting your own one word for 2020. You can also help me practice my one word. I am interested in hearing from you as we work to fulfill our mission of ensuring high levels of learning for students, equipping them to be positive and productive contributors to society and our world.

Enjoy this day (it’s guaranteed to be interesting)!

Kevin Bruggink