First Week Check-in

Hello Oostburg Families!

…wanted to check in at the close of our first week back in school and say thank you. We have had a really good week. There have been adjustments – some more challenging than others – yet our students have been great. Areas where we were expecting concerns went well. I also want to give a shout out to our staff. The changes impact all of us, yet people just dug in and did the next right thing.

A portion of my first two days this week was spent communicating with the health department. We remain fortunate to have no known positive cases in our school at this time. We do have individuals quarantining, and that will likely be the case throughout the year. I wanted to update you on our communication procedures related to COVID cases which impact our school district.

-We will communicate rapidly in response to any positive case impacting individuals – staff or students – in our school.
-We are not able to provide specifics. We are not able to share if the individual is a staff or student, but we will communicate a positive case to everyone in the building involved.
-Those who are close contacts to the positive case will receive a separate communication stating they were a close contact.
-We will work with the County Heath Department directly in all of these situations.
-We will not communicate quarantine situations – only positive cases in school

I also wanted to share that we recognize that some of the measures we are taking are not popular…. I don’t like wearing a mask (although the new Dutchmen masks really fit nicely). I hope our families recognize that the steps we are taking are focused on keeping us on site for instruction. I had a meeting earlier today and learned that many schools in our area already have large numbers of their students and staff quarantined, and regional schools have had to delay openings or close segments of their building due to quarantines.

We want to be here – on site. We know in person learning is more effective than virtual learning. So we’re willing to deal with some “less than ideal” changes designed to help us stay together. We have over 93% of our students on site for learning. That requires specific steps so we can keep this going.

So thank you students, thank you staff, and thanks moms & dads. Even though we may see things differently at times, there is so much more than unites us, so much more we believe in together. The top of that list for us is a belief that having our kids learning together in our schools is the best way to reach our learning goals.

Have a great weekend and Go Dutchmen!