District Health Emergency Update

Hello OSD Families,

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced yesterday afternoon that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year. Although we were preparing for this possibility as a district, we are still processing what is now reality.

Although we are sad we will not have the opportunity to bring our students back together for face-to-face instruction, please know that we remain committed to learning together and supporting one another as we complete our school year in a virtual environment. Our team is developing additional communication tools which will be shared in the weeks ahead. We are guided by the following commitments as we move through the remainder of our year together:

Student learning remains our primary focus while recognizing that students have a variety of realities which will require flexibility by all.
Our communication will be multifaceted including an “opt in” approach (Facebook Live, Website posts, etc.) from the district level. Critical information will be sent directly to all stakeholders primarily via our Infinite Campus messaging system.
Effective teacher/student communication is our top priority while also recognizing that as a district we are expecting our staff to have reasonable boundaries which allow them to sustain this work through year end.
We are learning with you, and there will be changes as we adjust to feedback that allows us to more effectively achieve our learning goals.

Please join us for additional information on Tuesday evening, April 21, at 8:00pm for our weekly Facebook Live Q & A.

With appreciation,

Kevin Bruggink, Superintendent