District Goals


In addition to cooler temps and beautiful colors, Fall also brings our School District Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting provides District residents with the opportunity to exercise certain powers entrusted to them through state statute. Specifically, electors at an Annual Meeting may consider and vote on the following subjects:

  • Set board members’ annual salaries or a payment based on each meeting attended.
  • Authorize payment of actual and necessary expenses of board members who travel in the performance of their duties.
  • Designate sites for school buildings.
  • Authorize the board to acquire real estate through purchase or condemnation.
  • Vote a tax for the operation of the schools, to create a capital expansion fund and for other purposes enumerated in s. 120.10.
  • Authorize the sale of school property.
  • Direct and provide for prosecution or defense of any legal action or proceedings in which the school district is interested.
  • Direct the board to furnish school lunches to district students and appropriate funds for that purpose.
  • Authorize the board to furnish textbooks to students under conditions prescribed by the meeting or school board.
  • Vote a tax to purchase vehicles or finance contracts for the use and services of transportation vehicles.
  • Adjourn the annual meeting from time to time or establish a different date and time for a subsequent annual meeting.

Several other areas give power and responsibility to the annual meeting, and those can be located in section 120 of Wisconsin State Statutes.  The Annual Meeting is preceded by a budget hearing at which time questions can be raised regarding the proposed 2015-16 District budget.  As listed above, the electors do vote on the property tax levy while the school board has the authority to set the final levy within the scope of State revenue limits.  Oostburg is one of a small number of Districts which continues to operate well under our revenue limits.  I plan to share additional details in this area in my next blog post.

Our Annual Meeting will also include a presentation of District Goals.  Approximately 4 years ago we identified goals related to increasing our ACT results. I am pleased to share that we are seeing very positive increases around our goals from Kindergarten through graduation.  We believe that our strategic efforts have been a large part of our most recent ranking as the top District in this region as rated by Wisconsin’s School District Report Card.

In addition to the regular Annual Meeting agenda items, this year’s meeting will include a presentation of the results from our recently distributed facilities survey.  That survey presented the recommendations of our Long Range Planning Committee, and we ask that each District resident of legal voting age complete and return their survey by October 2nd.

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have questions about our efforts to develop graduates who are positive contributors to society and the world.

Kevin Bruggink, Superintendent