Community Resource Officer Position Returns to OSD

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Image result for village of oostburgWe are pleased to announce that OSD will be reestablishing the position of community resource officer serving our school and community. OSD has facilitated a unique partnership between the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department, the Village of Oostburg, and Oostburg Schools to share an officer who will serve our community.

Our community resource officer will have a primary presence in the Oostburg School District while also serving our village community as a whole. The resource officer will enhance student, parent, and community partnerships with law enforcement. The officer will be available to school staff for classroom presentations in regard to law enforcement and legal issues. Where appropriate, the community resource officer will attend staff meetings, work with classroom teachers, be involved in student, teacher, parent conferences and meet with students in both formal and informal situations. Our resource officer will serve in a shared agreement with the Village of Oostburg and, as such, serve in partnership outside of school grounds.

Our community resource officer’s primary duties will be as a resource provider and liaison for communication, assistance, counseling and referral. The main focus of our community resource officer is prevention as compared to law enforcement. Oostburg Schools will continue to utilize the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department and their full time deputies for those rare times when concerns or violations require specific legal intervention and consequences.

Our community resource officer will have hours that encompass both day and evening events in our school and community. A visible presence and focus on communication and relationship building will occur during the school day, at extracurricular programming, within the village, and throughout the school year and summer.

Position Purpose:

  • Provide additional assistance to students, parents, and community members within the Village of Oostburg.
  • Provide and support the opportunity for young people in our district to experience law enforcement personnel in the school and village setting as an entity which is supportive, helpful, and educational.
  • Provide a direct connection with law enforcement as a community resource within the school and village.
  • Provide school and community with assistance and help dealing with the needs and concerns of school-age youth.
  • Provide a liaison between school, community and law enforcement agencies – local, county, state.

Program Goals:

  • Increase awareness in our school and community of the role law enforcement has in a democracy.
  • Provide school staff and youth with additional opportunities to learn about law and law enforcement.
  • Allow law enforcement to function more effectively as a local resource for classroom or large group presentations concerning issues of mutual concern within the district and community.
  • Provide proactive assistance to students who display behaviors that may indicate potential trouble which could require law enforcement involvement.