April 7 referendum

You may have noticed that communication in relation to our high school facilities referendum is resuming as we continue our efforts to inform community stakeholders in advance of the April 7th vote. Our planning committee intentionally limited communication during the Christmas season and through January. Communication in February will include several social media posts along with community outreach at Judi’s on February 12th from 6-7am and Subway from 8-9am on February 19th. If you feel more comfortable asking questions or providing input in this type of setting, please join me during these times.

We will be hosting an informational meeting in our HS auditorium from 7-8:00pm on Weds. February 26th and March 17th. Look for more information on our Facebook page and in upcoming editions of the Lakeshore Weekly. Community members will also notice informational boards in all three building lobbies for those who visit our schools. In addition, each district residence will receive an informational mailer – targeted for late this week – and a “reminder to vote” card during the last week of March.

For those who prefer to ask questions from home, we will be hosting another Facebook live session on March 30th at 8:00pm, and community members are always welcome to call me directly at school. Our number one goal is to invest in intentional efforts to allow all stakeholders to provide input and ask questions so they can be fully informed prior to April 7th.

Thank you and enjoy this day!