All students can learn at high levels!


Many of you may be aware that Oostburg Elementary School was recently recognized for being one of the top 65 schools in the State of Wisconsin for Title 1 achievement.  We feel this honor is significant since there were over 1000 schools eligible for this award.  This award is based primarily on data gathered from the WKCE state assessment, and although this assessment has questionable overall value (The WKCE will be replaced by what we feel is a much better assessment, The Smarter Balanced Assessment, in the 2014-15 school year.) we feel the specific data referenced in this award is a direct reflection of the excellent work our staff is doing to help all students learn at high levels.

Each of the top 65 schools were recognized for their work with specific subgroups of students.  Our focus on early interventions for struggling students is reflected in the WIN (What I Need Now) groups at OES and our intevention blocks at OMS.  In addition, OHS has incorporated support structures for some of their most challenging classes, and we are seeing results.

All of this work has allowed us to place an even greater focus on student learning.  Although that may seem like an obvious focus for schools, we believe that many schools operate from a mindset where teacher activity takes precedent over student learning. Teachers in these schools operate under an, “I taught it, they just didn’t learn it.” mindset.  We believe that student learning is our responsibility as a school.  Student learning is what we do and where our expertise lies.  Our response as a school when students are not learning is very different than it was 5 years ago, and we are proud of the efforts and more importantly the results we are seeing.

We have a good school, but we want to be great.  We are not there yet and hopefully never will feel as though we have arrived.  That being said, we are excited that the progress we are making was recently recognized.

Make today a great day!

Kevin Bruggink
District Administrator