When to Keep Your Sick Child Home

The following information is District’s guidelines as to when to keep your sick child home and should not be used in place of medical advice. Your child’s doctor should be consulted regarding illnesses.

FEVER: Children should be kept home for temperatures of 100.5 degrees or higher. Fevers generally spike in the afternoon and evening and that is why the District requires that children be fever free without medication for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Please do not give your child medicine and send them to school when they have a fever. Children with fevers belong at home. Children with fevers lower than 100.5 degrees but with other symptoms should stay at home until all symptoms are resolved.

STOMACHACHE: Children with complaints of a continuous stomachache, a stomachache with a sudden onset, a severe stomachache or a stomachache that accompanies a fever should be kept home.

VOMITING: Children who are vomiting should be kept home until he or she can keep food and liquids down without vomiting for 24 hours. Too often children are sent to school in the morning after vomiting at night, only to vomit at school. This is why the District requires that your child stay home until he or she can keep food and liquids down for 24 hours without vomiting.

DIARRHEA: Children should be kept home at all times for diarrhea. Children may return to school once diarrhea has ended and the child is having regular stools.

COLDS: Common colds are an everyday part of life for children. Children with a hacking or constant cough should stay home. Children with heavy nasal congestion should stay home.

HEADACHE: Children with severe headaches, or headaches which cause vomiting, or headaches following an injury should be kept home.

RASH: Children are not allowed at school with a rash without a doctor’s written approval stating it is safe to do so. A rash may be the first sign of an illness.

ANTIBIOTICS: Children given antibiotics must be on the antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school. A child is considered no longer contagious once they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours. Pertussis is the exception to this rule, as a child with Pertussis must stay home for the duration of the antibiotics, generally one week. These recommendations are the Oostburg School District’s and in no way represent medical advice. If your child is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, your child’s doctor should be notified.