School Board Approves February 16th Referendum


During their November 18th regular meeting our School Board acted on the recommendation from our Long Range Planning Committee and approved a resolution to go to referendum on February 16th to replace the oldest wing at our Elementary School.  Our focus between now and February will be to ensure that District stakeholders have the background and information necessary to make an informed decision when voting.

Primary areas of need at our elementary school include infrastructure, space, and design. Our Elementary school (and District as a whole) continues a trend of enrollment increases. That trend includes over 80 new students in this school year alone with over 40 joining our elementary school.  Additional elementary classrooms were discussed during the 2008 addition, but were ultimately rejected to save costs.  Spaces, including renovated showers, storage closets, and hallways are used regularly for teaching and learning in an effort to meet current needs.  In addition, the original section of OES is almost 60 years old with most of the plumbing, HVAC and electrical infrastructure being original. This section was constructed on top of steam tunnels which create tremendous challenges when considering renovation and expansion. Local stakeholders with significant school construction experience have affirmed the recommendations provided by architects as related to replacement vs. renovation.

The 2013 and 2015 community surveys are both available on our website at (Resources tab / Information & Forms tab), and we will soon be adding pages focused directly on this project.  In the meantime, I encourage individuals or groups that would like additional information to contact me directly at 920-564-2346 ext. 4000. I look forward to meeting with community members in the months ahead as we continue this important work.

Enjoy this day!