Referendum Update


I hope you are able to join us tonight for our second referendum open house from 5:30-7:00 at OES. In addition to the five formally scheduled community outreach opportunities, I have also been able to meet with many individuals and community groups during the past several weeks. Questions about our referendum can be emailed to or you may contact me directly at 564-2383 ext. 4000. In addition, our website contains a referendum tab which can be accessed at

Please remember to vote on February 16th.

Kevin Bruggink

Referendum FAQ:
Q: The conceptual drawings show the new addition taking up quite a bit of our current OES playground space. Will there be adequate playground areas should this plan gain approval?
A: Yes. Although the proposed plan does include a new wing built over much of the blacktop area which is currently playground, our plans include and overall increase in playground space. We will be particularly focused on increasing the grass area available for recess activities like soccer and football.