Recurring Payment Options for Hot Lunch Accounts

Automatically Add Money to a Food Service Account

PATH: Portal > Family > Payments

Complete the following steps to automatically add money to a Food Service account on a monthly basis or when it reaches a low balance.

  1. Click the Add button next to the account.
  2. Result
    The Recurring Payments screen displays, finish out the rest. If you didn’t receive a receipt in your email, the request was not done correctly.  

Note to parents:  To avoid the automated district low balance phone call, choose the “low balance” option and set the dollar amount to $11.00.  Each time the account hits this set threshold, the account will be replenished with the amount of your choice.  There is a $2.00 service fee on each charge made.  This is your best option to “Set-it, and forget it” for the school year! Any questions, please contact the Food Service Coordinator at 564-2392 x4317. Thank you.