Quality Schools Make Oostburg Attractive

With state population growth slowing and unemployment at record low levels many communities are considering the challenges of finding enough people to fill available jobs. The recent Foxconn approval means workforce development demands in Wisconsin will continue to be a priority. Oostburg’s strong business presence, along with the addition of the new Master’s Gallery plant, means we will feel this reality locally as well.

As superintendent I am involed in both the Oostburg and Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce and discussions around workforce development and housing have been central in both organizations. Oostburg School District is playing an active role in this conversation as we seek to fulfill our mission of ensuring all students learn at high levels so they can be productive members of society and the world. I encourage families to check out bit.ly/2xeVsw8 to view our district’s work in Academic and Career Planning (ACP). Our plan has been a model for other districts and is building a strong foundation between a student’s academic preparation at OSD and their transition into the workforce, technical school, college or the military.

A recent survey asked municipal officials to share their perspective on the most important factors in attracting and retaining employees. Available housing in areas with high quality local schools came up as priority #1, ahead of business opportunities, parks, taxes, housing prices, and utility costs. We believe OSD provides an excellent education and is an asset in attracting families and businesses to our community. That helps in making Oostburg a great place to raise a family.

Enjoy this day,

Kevin Bruggink