New Faculty at OHS, and student schedules.

Good morning, Parents.

I am guessing this email/blog message is a bit surprising in the middle of summer, but there is some information we wish to share as we send out student schedules. (Note: The guidance department is sending each student their schedule for next year this week.) Under normal circumstances, we distribute student schedules before the school year ends. However, this year we had some significant staffing issues that needed to be resolved before we could complete our master schedule of classes, so we were forced to issue schedules well into the summer.

A brief introduction of our new staff may be helpful here. Ted Schanen is replacing Mr. Rudolph and will be teaching Biology, Advanced Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Since Mr. Schanen does not have a masters degree, we are not able to teach Adv. Biology as a CAPP class with Lakeland College. This means earning dual credit—both HS and college credit—is not possible for this class going forward. One the other hand, we are optimistic that in working with LTC we will be able to offer Anatomy and Physiology for dual credit. We may have to give an exit exam similar to an AP course in conjunction with the LTC science staff, but this would provide two sections of A&P students the option of earning three college credits at no cost.

Tricia Lutze will be replacing Mr. LeClair and teaching English 10, and the speech semester of English 12. (English 12 will be co-taught by Ms. Lutze and Mrs. Nyenhuis each teaching a semester. Tricia will teach speech and Jill will teach college and career readiness skills with a focus on writing.) Mrs. Lutze also has considerable experience in drama and is interested in taking the position of drama director for the musical and spring play.

Lyza Reichelt will be teaching all of our Algebra 1 classes. She has already joined her math department colleagues at a math workshop this summer, so Ms. Reichelt will be well prepared to work toward the math departments goals.

Lindsay Pribek will be our new Spanish teacher. Having Ms. Pribek in this role will allow us to return our Spanish department to two teachers and meet the requests for Spanish classes at all levels. Lindsay will teach all of the HS Spanish 1 classes, as well as a full credit Spanish 1 class for 8th grade students and a high interest Spanish class for 7th graders. Mrs. Hengst will teach the Spanish 2-5 classes and also offer a high interest Spanish class for 8th grade students.

We are excited about the quality and potential of each of these new teachers, and we are also pleased with the courses and programs we will be able to offer because of their skills and certifications. We also hope parents and students can clearly see why the schedule was delayed while we worked on filling these positions. If changes are necessary with your student’s schedule, please encourage them to come and see Mr. Cole or Mrs. Dekker during our in-service days from August 25-28. This is far better than making changes after classes have begun.

The last request we wish to make of students is to please bring your schedule with you to school the first week of classes. We will be in a transition period from our old school management software to a new product—Infinite Campus—and at times this transition could cause us limitations on immediate access to information for all of our students. Taking good care of the hard copy of your schedule will be very helpful.

We hope each of our students and their families are having an enjoyable and safe summer. We look forward to seeing you after Labor Day.