Congratulations Graduates.

In my last message of the school year, I would like to congratulate each of our 98 graduates in the class of 2014. It is our hope, and it has increasingly become the focus of our school goals as well, that each of the graduates are well prepared for success in the next chapter of their lives. For a large portion of them—between 85-90%–the next chapter in their lives will be to continue their education or training toward a future career. For the students entering the workforce immediately, we hope the courses you took will provide you the foundational skills to be very successful and advance in your jobs. It would be both accurate and fair to suggest that our success as a school is directly connected with the success our students achieve as they progress in their education and careers. So, in this way we are not only wishing you well in your futures, we are also a bit invested in your success going forward. We hope we have served you well, and we hope you realize that the challenging and demanding classes you have taken at OHS will pay off as you go forward. In fact, as we continue to work to improve our school, one of the most significant ways we hope to improve is to continue to make our classes more demanding, and we want to do this primarily by including more of a focus on complex applications of the things we are teaching.

Again, congratulations to all of our graduates. The class of 2014 experienced a great deal of success at OHS, which certainly revealed itself in the scholarship results this year as well. As a faculty and staff at OHS, we wish you the very best in every area of your lives.

Have a great summer too.
Sincerely, Scott Greupink